Genuine Financial Advisors is a local company with its office in North Wilmington, Delaware and serving all of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, all of Delaware, Northern Maryland and Florida.

Our business began with helping federal employees being in a better place for retirement and making sure that they had the opportunity for their money to work for them not them working for their money. It expanded into helping all people with their financial planning needs, including covering life insurance, college planning, long term care concerns, and retirement planning & execution.

Our customers are not numbers but they are our extended family. From going to the christening of their children and grandchildren, to high school and college graduations, to weddings, and unfortunately funerals. We are there through all of it, because when you are family and friends you are not just there for the good times and laughs but also for bad times and tears.

George Politarhos

People describe me as a hardworking, detailed oriented person who is there when you need him.  When you call me, I call you back promptly and handle your questions effectively. 

I am George Politarhos and I live in North Wilmington, Delaware for the last 27 years. I am married to wife Leslie Ann Politarhos for 25 years and we have two sons, Alexander (Alex) 24 and Jarred whom is 19 years old. Along with my human family, Leslie and I have three Mastiff dogs, Mumford, Isis and Piper to add to our clan. I graduated from Hofstra University in Long Island New York with a degree in accounting. I was a four-year starter on the football team at Hofstra (they no longer have a team) and I was a two-time Little School All-American at Offense Tackle.

I have been in the people business my whole adult life starting in the restaurant business as an owner for 10+ years to now doing what I love to this day. I am an independent agent, which means I can always act solely in your best interest, and I'm always able to give you the products that fit your needs.

Besides being my fiduciary responsibility, it is also my moral obligation, it is the way I run my life.  Leslie and I work with an animal rescue organization, Mastiffs and Mutts, that helps find homes for these animals. We also volunteer, along with Isis, at a local Alzheimer home spending some time with the patients. Seeing how happy they get when Isis sits down next to them is priceless. 

I'm also active in my church, St. George Greek Orthodox, along with being on the civic association board.

Angelica A Politarhos

People say that my work ethic is difficult to find in today’s world. My parents raised me and my siblings to know that we must wake up everyday and make it a great day, worth being proud of, and that our word is our bond.

I am Angelica Politarhos and I live in Garnet Valley, Pa. for the last 14 years. I am married to my husband John (Spanky) Santora for 21 Years. We have no children together, but my husband has a son from a previous marriage, his name is Marc and he is 43 years old. 

I have basically been self-employed my entire life. I owned a restaurant and Lottery store in Chester, Pa. for 5 years. When I sold this business, I purchased a very small coffee distribution company, that sold coffee to restaurants. I took this small one man operation to a multi-million dollar company which I sold 30 years later to a huge conglomerate. After selling my company, my husband became ill and I assisted him in running his car dealership. It was at this point in time is when I also began selling insurance, which is what lead me to my present path. 

I am President of St. George Greek Orthodox church for the past 3 years, as well as the recording secretary of the Philotochos Society of the church (which translates to friends of the poor). I chair a fundraiser for the last six years in which we make and sell Christmas, New Years, and Easter “Tseureki” (sweet bread). All proceeds are donated to those in need.