You had someone from HR work with you when you started your career, if you were lucky enough to have someone to help you at all. 

Let GFA review your benefits and remind you what you have, what you are paying for you now, and really make sure they are working for you and not you working for somebody else. 

Key Questions When Reviewing your Benefits:

  • How does FEGLI cost escalate over time? Is it the best choices for me?
  • How do I read and understand my stub and codes?
  • Are you taking full advantage of TSP? How am I allocated with my TSP? What are my allocation choices?
  • Is it good to take a loan against my TSP?
  • How can I use my one in service withdrawal to my future benefit?
  • How many different beneficiary forms do we have? When was the last time you updated them?

Need help with the answers? Contact one of our advisors for a free consultation and the first step to securing your financial future and getting to your happy place.