At Genuine Financial Advisors, we have a simple mission - to take the gray out of your retirement, and make it black and white. While we started out specializing in federal employee benefits and pensions, we have expanded to working with private individuals, because everybody deserves the peace of mind of having a secure financial future.  

What we Do

We work closely with you and make sure you are in the right position for a happy and safe retirement.

We make sure you have secured an adequate life insurance plan, so your loved ones won't be in a bad financial place should the worst happen to you.

We help plan for college expenses, so when that day comes for your young ones to leave the nest, you are, at least, financially ready.

We can help you establish additional pension funding. In the future, (and sadly today) many people do not have a pension through their work. YOU NEED ONE! We can make this a reality for people on any budget.

For federal employees we do a complete and thorough exam and explanation and evaluation of all the benefits that you have and the costs of today and in the future. Looking at ways to maximize your TSP, your CSRS and FERS pensions (annuity), how FEGLI costs escalate and the ways to increase your pensions bottom line.

We will help you understand the optimal age to retire, based on your financial situation.

We also do all the paperwork for your retirement, so it is done right and efficiently the first time.


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You need to know what retirement looks like now, so if you and your family are not heading in the direction you want to go, we can get on the correct path.